Health Guarantee/Purchase Agreement

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Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee

Sellers: Durenda Springer-Barber and Jack Barber

WrinkleCorner Shar-pei

2303 Union St

Saint Joseph, MO 64506

(816) 721-9748 (417)631-9589

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Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei AKC Litter #:


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The Seller hereby conveys to the Buyer the puppy described below will include the following warranties and conditions with no other warranties or conditions either expressed or implied.

The above puppy is a purebred Chinese Shar-Pei and is eligible for registration either full or limited with the American Kennel Club (AKC), Seller guarantees that the dog is in good health, has received the required veterinary vaccination(s) and care, and is up to date on shots at time of sale. This puppy is represented to be of sound health at the time of shipping, pick up, or delivery. The Buyer agrees and understands that any and all transportation costs to and/or from the Seller’s property, will be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

Buyer agrees to bind him/herself to take good and reasonable care of the puppy/dog, to feed and house the puppy/dog properly and provide adequate veterinary attention, when required. Buyer agrees to ensure the physical welfare of the dog at all times, to control the dog on a lead when off the premises, and to house and control the dog properly to avoid loss by theft, running away, or otherwise. If the Buyer fails to do so, the Seller has the option and right to reclaim said puppy/dog at the Buyer’s expense with no refund of any monies paid by the Buyer.

Buyer agrees to provide and feed Life Abundance dog food for at least the first 2 years of the puppies life. This ensures the puppy will remain in the peak of health and will promote a long life for your pet. Life Abundance dog food link is provided on the sellers website at or as directed by the seller.

Said puppy is being sold as pet quality and/or breeding quality, Seller guarantees against hip dysplasia, and conditions of the knees of herein described dog up to the first mating or two (2) years of age, whichever comes first (As deemed by the Orthopedic Foundation of America OFA). If any of these problems occur, upon notification in writing, the Buyer may either keep said dog, as “pet” and upon receipt of proof that said dog was spayed/neutered, Seller will replace said dog when such a puppy becomes available, pending prior obligations or Buyer may choose to return said dog to Seller at Buyer’s Expense, if this choice is made, Seller will replace said dog when such a puppy becomes available, pending prior obligations.

Wrinkle Corner Shar-pei is striving to produce healthy, genetically sound pups through a selective breeding program. However, the breed is known to suffer from entropion, therefore until the breed, as a whole, is entropion free, Wrinkle Corner Shar-pei cannot and does not guarantee the eyes of the puppy/dog, as opinions of entropion are only up to any veterinary’s interpretation.

Wrinkle Corner Shar-pei is striving to produce Shar-Pei that is free of Amyloidosis; we carefully choose our breeding stock in order to avoid this disease if at all possible. If death caused from Amyloidosis occurs within 2 years of puppy/dog’s birth, every effort will be made to replace said dog as soon as possible. When dog dies, regardless of cause of death, a Red Congo Stain must be performed in an autopsy of the dog as proof of Amyloidosis and provided to Seller, after results are received and before replacement is made.

It is agreed upon by the Buyer that the said puppy or any of its offspring will not be sold to any owner, employee, agent or individual connected with a pet shop, or wholesaler of Chinese Shar-Pei. They will not be donated or sold for auction or as a prize. They will not be crossbred or used for fighting. In the event that the Buyer is responsible for the sale of any of the aforementioned Chinese Shar-Pei to the aforementioned organization or individuals, the Breeder/Seller shall have recourse in the courts for damages to their name and/or reputation in the amount of $5000.00.

Any replacement that may occur because of the terms and conditions set forth in this contract, shall be made as soon as possible at the discretion of the Seller. The replacement will be made in as timely a manner as possible and will not necessarily be from a current litter, pending prior obligations.

A deposit of $300.00 required to hold said puppy. Said puppy shall be paid for in the funds of cash or through a Paypal transaction, on or before 8 weeks of age before puppy can be shipped to or picked up by Buyer. Unless other arrangements are made between the Seller and the Buyer. All deposits paid for said dog are non-refundable.

It is understood that the Seller will not give refunds, pay vet bills, or pay any shipping. If purchased as a breeding/show quality puppy/dog and said dog has been bred (if males have sired a litter or if females has had at least one litter) before the age of 2 years old and the recommended Orthopedic Foundation of American (OFA) qualifying examinations are not completed, all guarantees are null and void. Seller shall not be held responsible for acts which are due in full or in part to Buyer’s negligence.

It is understood, if the Buyer fails to comply with the conditions set forth in this Sales Agreement, the Seller will have the option of reclaiming the puppy described in this agreement along with AKC registration papers which are to be signed over to Seller by Buyer. No monies will be returned to the Buyer by the Seller. Buyer agrees to settle any disputes with Seller, Durenda Springer and Jack Barber, and agrees any and all disputes if not settled between the Seller and the Buyer will be settled in the Missouri court system. Buyer agrees to pay any and all legal costs.

THIS CONTRACT IS A LEGAL AND BINDING CONTRACT and shall be upheld under the laws of the state of Missouri. The parties have executed this agreement under their own free will and by their signature herein set below agreed to the above as stated. This agreement supersedes any and all other agreements, whether oral or written and constitutes the entire agreement between the Buyer and Seller.

*Additional Terms* None.

I have fully read, understand, and agree to fully comply with this contract/agreement.

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